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Message from Jack Hudson, President, Ermont, Inc.

Ermont, Inc. is currently moving through the Department of Public Health registration process and working with the city of Quincy during the renovation and construction phase of the project. We are committed to opening a best-in-class medical marijuana dispensary to provide high-quality laboratory-tested medicine to registered patients. Our projected opening time is now Fall, 2016. We look forward to serving our patients and our community. Please check back periodically for updates.

Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a medical marijuana patient?
Click here to follow the DPH step-by-step guide to become a patient.

How do I become a caregiver for a medical marijuana patient?
Click here to become a registered caregiver with DPH.

How do I update my personal patient or caregiver information after I register?
Click here for instructions to log in to the DPH Virtual Gateway system.

Are there any fees to become a medical marijuana patient?
Click here for a complete list of DPH medical marijuana fees.

Do patients and caregivers need to get medical marijuana IDs?
Yes, click here to see samples of patient and caregiver cards.

Now that I’m a registered patient, can I buy my medicine at Ermont?
Ermont is currently working through the DPH registration process.  Our projected opening date is January of 2016.  We look to serving our patients with high quality, laboratory-tested medicine. 

Are there any dispensaries open?
For a complete list of RMDs in the state and where they are in the registration process,
please click here.

Are all doctors in Massachusetts allowed to issue certifications to patients? 
Click here for information about the physician certification process.

Where can I find information about preventing marijuana abuse?
Click here for information on preventing substance abuse.

I have a disability.  Can I speak to someone at DPH by phone?
Yes, you can call or email the DPH Medical Marijuana Program.
Phone: 617-660-5370
Email DPH at: MedicalMarijuana@State.MA.US

Is Ermont hiring at this time?
We are currently not hiring at this time.  We will post job listings as they become available.

Will Ermont offer discounts to patients with limited income?
Yes, we are working out those details and we will post them when we get closer to opening.

Is Ermont accessible by public transportation?
Yes, we will be offering shuttle service, based on patient need, from the Quincy Adams stop on the Red Line of the MBTA.  We will be posting the hours of shuttle operation as we get closer to our opening date

Contact us:
On other matters not covered above, click here to send Ermont a message.