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CONCENTRATEs, & Marijuana infused products

All of our flower is grown on site in West Quincy by our cultivation team. We highly recommend conducting research as to which strains are likely to be most effective at treating the condition(s) for which you are seeking treatment or relief. Our concentrates are made using supercritical Co2 which is then distilled. This gives all of our product a high TAC count, using a safe and clean extraction method. All of our MIPs are made in house using our high TAC distillate.  

Given the regulatory restrictions in Massachusetts as related to initial genetic selection Ermont has limited control over creating medicine with absolutely consistent phenotypes.  Ermont, like all Registered Marijuana Dispensaries (RMDs), is working within the confines of the medical use of marijuana program to provide the highest quality, consistent medicine to the qualifying patients of the Commonwealth. As time progresses Ermont’s cannabinoid profiles will become more and more consistent.

Also, like all RMDs, when laboratory testing, a sampling of production is conducted rather than testing every plant.  What this might mean is having a cannabinoid profile on medicine purchased being different from the outcomes of our testing.  We want to hear from you if this happens. For example, if you experience a psychoactive effect despite the fact that the cannabinoid profile notes high CBD with low THC, we want to know. 

The cannabinoid profiles noted within each strain description have been determined and provided by our independent, third-party laboratory testing results.

Ermont recommends that you play a part in conducting your own research as to which strains have the best impact on the conditions for which you’re seeking treatment.