Promotions, Discounts, Deals, Offers & Loyalty Rewards

Learn about Ermont’s promotional offers, discounts and loyalty rewards program for patients and caregivers in Massachusetts

Offers & Loyalty Rewards



  • FIRST TIME PATIENTS & CAREGIVERS: Spend $200 on your first purchase and receive $100 off that purchase. Spend $100 on each of your first two purchases and receive $50 off those purchases. * **

  • SPEND $350 in a single visit, get $15 off that purchase.

  • SPEND $100 on a purchase, get the $3.50 cashless ATM fee waive.

  • VETERANS: 10% off for Veterans with a VA Card, military ID, or a Veteran logo on their driver's license

  • HARDSHIP: 10% off for Financial Hardship

*Terms and conditions apply: Offer valid for first time Ermont medical patients and caregivers only. Offer valid toward first purchase of $100.00 up to $200.00. A minimum purchase of $100 is needed to apply $50 discount. Discounts may not be redeemed for cash. Discounts do not transfer to future purchases. Certain discounts may not be combined with other offers. Exclusions may apply.  

**If you were a new patient between 9/5/18 and 11/14/18, please speak to one of our managers about your eligibility for this discount.



Loyalty Rewards Program

Sign up for our Loyalty Program and receive exclusive details on discounts, products and more! Receive 50 points at sign up, 50 points at your initial check in and receive 10 points each future check in. 110 points earns you a 20% discount on your next visit purchase.”

Sign Up!

The sign up process is simple and quick. Just enter your mobile number and you’ll start earning points. There are four easy ways to sign up:

  1. Clicking “Enter you number” below on our website

  2. By text: Customers can text "GO" or to subscribe. (Texting "STOP" at any time removes from your SMS marketing. Texting "UNSTOP" re-subscribes a stopped account.)

  3. By phone: 1-855-790-8813

  4. Through our dispensary iPads