Ermont Patients


To visit Ermont you MUST have a valid Patient or Caregiver ID Card issued by the Department of Public Health AND an additional valid form of photo identification (driver’s license, military ID, passport, or government ID).  DPH regulations prohibit Ermont from admitting any individual to the dispensary who does not present both forms of ID – no exceptions.  In addition, please note that per DPH regulations, children are not permitted to accompany a patient or caregiver inside our dispensary.

Arriving at Ermont:

  1. Only individuals with a DPH issued Patient or Caregiver ID card AND additional form of photo identification can enter Ermont - you must bring both forms of identification each time you visit the dispensary - no exceptions! 
  2. Push the intercom button located to the left of the dispensary entrance.
  3. Place your Patient or Caregiver ID Card in front of the camera for verification.
  4. Once inside, you will present your Patient ID Card & an additional form of acceptable photo identification before you will be permitted to enter the dispensary.

Patient Experience:

  • You will complete a New Patient Profile on your first visit with a Patient Services Agent – this is required by DPH, and will be available on all future visits.
  • We will assist you by providing information on our products and answering questions that will help you determine which products are suitable for your needs .
  • At the time of purchase, marijuana and MIPs products will be entered into the DPH tracking system as required by Massachusetts law.
  • In addition, we are committed to offering the following services:
    • New Patient Handbook
    • Research materials related to medical marijuana
    • Private consultation with a Patient Services Agent
    • Financial assistance for patients with a verified financial hardship
  • Departing Ermont:
  1. Purchased products should be placed in the trunk of your vehicle or in an area that is not easily accessible to the driver or visible from the outside.
  2. You should only consume medical marijuana products purchased at our dispensary at home - opening packaging or ingesting medical marijuana or MIPs in a public place, including at Ermont, is illegal.
  3. All medical marijuana products are packaged in child proof and tamper-proof containers -  keep all products in a secure location away and out of reach from children and pets.
  4. Driving is prohibited by M.G.L.c. 90, s. 24, and machinery should not be operated. Never operate a motor vehicle under the influence of marijuana or other illegal substances.



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**Ermont can only serve patients and caregivers with active DPH registrations**

To become a registered patient in Massachusetts you must:

  1. Obtain a recommendation from a certifying physician that you have a medical condition that medical marijuana can help.  (The certifying physician will give you a certification number to complete the registration process with the DPH).
  2. Complete the Patient Registration Application located on the DPH website.  To complete this, you will need the following:
    • The certification number obtained from your certifying physician
    • Valid photo ID
    • Photograph of yourself

During the registration process, you will also have the opportunity to designate a caregiver. The caregiver will need to complete a similar registration with DPH, and will get a Caregiver ID Card from the DPH.

After the registration process has been completed with the DPH, a temporary program ID card (Patient ID Card) will be issued and may be used until your Patient ID Card arrives. 

For further information, visit the DPH website:

Patient Responsibility

Medical marijuana has tremendous benefits when used properly.  However, as with other forms of substances can have side effects when not used correctly or when overused. You can research online and are encouraged to speak with one of our Patient Services Agents to learn about benefits and risks associated with medical marijuana. In addition, you should always discuss your medical marijuana usage with your healthcare providers.

Overuse of medical marijuana, or using it incorrectly, can lead to overeating, sleeplessness, withdrawal symptoms and other issues. We strongly encourage you to use medical marijuana  products carefully, and to speak with a member of our staff, or a healthcare professional, if you think you may be misusing it, have concerns, or are experiencing any side effects.

Massachusetts law prohibits the use of marijuana and MIPs in public. As such, Ermont patients should only open packaged products and consume medical marijuana products in the privacy of their home. Driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal under M.G.L. c.90 s.24.  Patients should never drive or operate other machinery after consuming any marijuana or our products.

As is the case with any medicine or substance, medical marijuana can be dangerous - especially when taken by other people, or by children and pets. Medical marijuana has not been analyzed or approved by the FDA, thus there is limited information on the side effects and the risks associated with using medical marijuana. As an Ermont patient, you are prohibited from sharing medical marijuana purchased at our dispensary with others.  All products should be stored safely, and kept in the child proof packaging provided by Ermont at the time of sale.

A list of substance abuse resources is available at Ermont.