Ermont, Inc.

Ermont Recycling Program

Learn about Ermont’s plan for incentivize recycling of usable exit bags, drams and tins from your medical marijuana purchases.

Ermont “Growing Greener”



Mission Statement

In order to leave a mark on the earth we can be proud of, incentivizing patients to return their plastic containers and bags to be recycled will ensure that we are all doing our part to keep the earth clean for generations to come.

The cannabis industry currently produces an incredible amount of waste, partially due to the fact that recycling programs have not been implemented as law as of 2019. We are in a perfect position to lead by example and show the rest of the industry how sustainable commerce is done within our culture and business.

With Ermont seeking to be a part of the adult-use program in Quincy, we have an obligation to ourselves and the city to establish “green” initiatives that will further welcome the presence of cannabis in the community. We know that cannabis provides many medical benefits and tax dollars for Quincy residents, however, many non-users do not feel the same way. By implementing this program, we will create a program that not only minimizes waste and but also uplifts Quincy streets.


For every exit bag or dram reused, get two Baker Loyalty points toward your 110 points for 20% off. This includes 1 gram, 3.5 gram, 7 gram, 14 gram, 28 gram, pre-roll containers, and edibles and mini-pack tins. This does NOT include both screw in or disposable cartridges.*

*Terms & Conditions: Drams/exit bags must be in useable condition with no cracks or tears in the plastic or missing caps. Drams/exit bags do NOT have to originally be from Ermont, however, they must be from a registered medical or adult-use dispensary. Limit per customer is 10 points worth per day (5 items on the approved list).

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