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Each day we hear incredible, inspiring stories from patients who visit our dispensary.  We invite and encourage you to share your story below so that others can read it and be inspired as well. 


Our Patient Stories

I have pretty severe fibromyalgia brought on about 15 yrs ago from a car accident and have cervical protrusion and stenosis. I started taking medical cannabis about six months ago. I am delighted to report that I have been able to eliminate any Xanax and/or Flexeril that took pretty much nightly so I could sleep without neck muscles spasms or back pain. I do not need the occasional painkiller for significant pain. I’d be happy enough with that but I also have ADHD and have been able to decrease my dose of those meds too by 1/2. and am hoping to decrease even further. I’m a registered nurse and became aware of the value of CO while treating my son with it for s/e of chemotherapy. Not only did it help him with that but also worked in synergy with his chemo to help decrease the growth of the cancer. I have taken a course to become a certified cannabis nurse. I am learning more about it each day and am a staunch supporter for legalization at the federal level.
— Ann-Marie M
I suffer from chronic back pain that limits my mobility and sleeping patterns. Ermont’s medication has given me the chance to treat my condition in a responsible way that is perfectly tailored to alleviating the symptoms I feel with medication that is veritably safe and effective. With the help of Ermont’s staff and product offering I have developed a treatment program that allows me to be a happier, more productive, and overall better person. Thank you Ermont!

— Charlie Y.
I have had debilitating migraines and insomnia for as long as I can remember. After being on multiple types of prescriptions and over the counter drugs, I always thought it was just something that I would have to deal with to function on a daily basis. No matter how terrible the side effects were, and the strain they were putting on my body, I never saw an end. I have been a casual Cannabis user since I was thirteen years old and always felt that it made me a less anxious and more patient person. Although I had always believed in the medical benefits of Cannabis, I never really thought about how it would effect me. Over the years I slowly switched from smoking flower to using high T.A.C concentrate vaporizer cartridges on a regular basis. In a short period of time I noticed that I was taking less and less migraine and insomnia medication. One day I realized I had gone months without taking any medication at all! I have not had a migraine for as long as I can remember and I fall asleep much easier while getting a better night’s sleep than ever before without the need of anything other than Cannabis. I am so thankful I am able to get quality, tested, all natural medication that has eliminated my need to use prescription or over the counter drugs to lead a healthy and happy life.
— Seth Y.
Medical cannabis has saved my life! Dealing with PTSD and Chronic pain has been a life long challenge. It’s very hard to deal with daily life with these conditions and for a long time my choices were pharma or going untreated. One way I was a zombie, disconnected from everything and everyone and the other way I was a manic, angry and overwhelmed. Now, with medical cannabis I am just me—a happy, productive, straight A grad student with a full time, high powered job. 

Ermont has also been a blessing, with great product quality, an ever expanding and improving menu, competitive pricing, and really great people. Honestly, it’s really the people that I enjoy! Friendly, knowledgeable and I’ve experienced and witnessed great customer service.
— Gigi W.
I had a full hip replacement but still have pain. It helps a lot.
— Brian Y.

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Each day we hear incredible stories from patients who visit our dispensary.  These stories inspire and motivate us to provide not only the best medical marijuana products in Massachusetts but also to create an environment where patients are comfortable and confident that our Patient Service Agents will listen to each patient at each visit. We invite and encourage you to share your story below so that others can read it and be inspired as well. 

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